My mother’s breast cancer was, successfully, removed on Wednesday. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe there’s a higher up that has our backs. Man, woman, non-entity, Alanis Morrisette… whatever, I’m grateful. I’ve been juggling even more lately. Been stressed. Used a lot of coping skills from the box.

I had my tarot done. Reader said I’m supposed to work in activism. Just as long as I’m not marching in the hot direct sunlight. I have been interested in doing more than this blog. Blogs seem so outdated. I want to get my voice out there about mental health. I have stories that I can’t write. Words fail me. When spoken aloud they flow. I want to fight this stigma. She got that part down. That is what I feel called to do. Traveling was in the cards. Traveling to end the stigma, get the word out… hell yeah. I’m up for it.

She also mentioned I’d have a hard time in love because I go for the wrong people all the time due to something in my childhood blocking me. Father issues, anyone? Also, she said I love my independence too much. Freedom shouldn’t be too much to ask for. I just need someone to match my need to be free. She said I already know my “soulmate” who has earth and fire elements, is hardworking, has similar walls up around them (that should be fun) and is going to teach me about myself. Then proceeded to tell me I am too in my head to know who this person is.

We know how I feel about the word “soulmate”. It’s the Hollywood romanticized version for someone you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. I believe we have so many soul attachments. Some may be romantic. And maybe our souls pick one of the many to settle down with. According to the psychic, mine is under my nose and just as messed up about relationships as I am so if you could see me right now I’m shrugging while chuckling because that could be anyone I know and that’s like the blind leading the blind.

She said I need to work on balancing my logic and emotions. No duh.

I’ll be back to writing posts. Right now is a resting period. Just had to get this blurb out. And thank you to all the people who actually did care enough to ask not only how my mother was doing, but how my daughter and I were holding up as well. We’re ok. What can you do? That’s life.


  1. Hi, great to hear your mums surgery went well. I’m sure there would be an App you can dictate your thoughts and it becomes text that you can then work with it to get the message out there. Mental health is such a big issue if you know you can help remove some of the stigma and help support people then go for it. We need more people like you 🙂

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