The Alien Lands

I don’t know what I’m doing. Who does? I just knew that I felt like screaming from deep within my soul. I couldn’t silently scream like I used to. I had to scream it out to whoever would listen. I’m too broke to write a book. A blog seemed like the next best thing. MyContinue reading “The Alien Lands”

It Was

TW: sexual abuse, alcohol & drug use, language This is a part 2 of the previous entry What Is Rape? Was That Rape? A friend of mine had a boyfriend. She was excited to introduce him. When he came through the doors he had a swagger that screamed, “I’m the shit and I know it.”Continue reading “It Was”

What Is Rape? Was That Rape?

TW: sexual abuse, alcohol & drug use, language The title is simple. What is rape? After the Me Too movement happened we all were bombarded by statistics, charts about what’s wrong behavior, stories of people being abused while sober or under the influence, psychologists and psychiatrists giving their expert opinions on all the different typesContinue reading “What Is Rape? Was That Rape?”

I Want To Be Alone

There’s a debate on whether or not Greta Garbo actually said those words, but I have many a-time in my life. My favorite book as a child was by Sesame Street, titled If I Lived Alone. A little girl is overwhelmed by being a big sister and imagines life without anyone there to bother her.Continue reading “I Want To Be Alone”

Baby Blue

The biggest problem with me and relationships is that I have always romanticized tragedy. Like Wuthering Heights or the relationship between Dracula and Mina. Destruction is not romantic. Torture in a relationship is not passion. Life has dramatic moments, but life shouldn’t be dramatic. Love should never hurt. And contrary to Love Story (the movieContinue reading “Baby Blue”

Happy Love (Yourself) Day

I wrote this in a moment of feeling so much self love. Today is the perfect day to give yourself some extra love whether or not you have a partner. Don’t neglect yourself today. It’s true when they say you have to love yourself before you can accept someone else’s love. If you don’t believeContinue reading “Happy Love (Yourself) Day”

The. Alien. Blogs on IG Excerpt

πŸš‚πŸš‹πŸšƒπŸš‹πŸšƒπŸš‹πŸšƒπŸ‘½.Trainspotting and the sequel are my favorite, hands down. No contest. As an addict/alcoholic it was pivotal. The quote here is from the second one. I love this so much I’d tattoo it on myself if I could ever decide where I want a permanent thing on my body..“You’re an addict, so be an addict.Continue reading “The. Alien. Blogs on IG Excerpt”